Virtual Card PCS

PCS Virtual Card

The dematerialised card that enables you to make all your purchases online !

  • 50.000 € maximum card balance
  • 2 years validity


I purchase this card !

Opt for security with the PCS Virtual Card.

A dematerialised card for online purchases only. This reloadable prepaid card is not linked to a bank account. Ideal for online shoppers who seek payment information security. Play, bet, spend online in a secure way !

We explain everything!

Discover the world of the PCS Virtual card! Play, bet, spend with peacefully. Online payments will have no secrets for you!

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What do you need to know ?

And after purchasing my card, what do I do?

When ordering, we will ask you to create your username and password which allow you to access your “My account”.
Do not forget to upload an ID on your account and validate the secret code that you will receive at home. Without this, you will only be able to use your card partially.

Where and how to use my card?

On your “My account” you will find your card details allowing you to use it online. Remember, this card can only be used online.
If however your needs evolve, for only € 10 more, you will be able to obtain a physical card in your name for online AND in-store use.

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  • PCS Chrome Card

    PCS Chrome Card

    • Valid for 1 year
    • Max. balance €50.000
  • PCS Black Card

    PCS Black Card

    • Valid for 2 years
    • Max. balance €150.000
  • PCS Infinity Card

    PCS Infinity Card

    • Valid for 3 years
    • Max. balance Unlimited
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